Safengine Protector v2.4.0.0

Safengine Protector v2.4.0.0

(Fri, 11/17/2017 - 23:21)

[Safengine Protector v2.4.0.0]
* Fixed a bug in virtual machine detection
* Improved protection core code

[Safengine Protector v2.3.9.0]
* Fixed a bug when virtualizing code
* Improved code analysis for Delphi applications
* Improved handling of function protection options
* Added 64-bit version of the Splash plugin

[Safengine Protector v2.3.8.0]
* Fix a bug in handling 64-bit plugins

[Safengine Protector v2.3.7.0]
* Fix various bugs when protecting applications