Safengine is a complete software protection solution featuring anti-debugger, anti-attach, dynamic code integrity checking and code protection including code obfuscation, mutation and virtualization. It blocks analysis or cracking of your application by changing internal execution flows of your code.
Safengine includes a code analysis engine which will provide all necessary information to Safengine products to systematically protect your application. By analysing each single instruction from your code, Safengine knows how your code can be perfectly obfuscated.
Safengine protects your entire application, not just a single procedure, thus even if some of your functions are not selected for extensive obfuscation, it's hard for a cracker even to locate these code.
Safengine's code virtual machine is comprehensive and reliable. It is completely thread-safe, DEP compatiable and supports running in kernel mode. All logical instructions are deducted into NAND operations and all arithmetic instructions are calculated by addition.
Safengine provides the most advanced software protection solution in the industry, with the strongest protection core, the most sophiscated virtual machine and the most secure licensing system.
Safengine supports all 32-bit & 64-bit PE files, including:
  • Executable (*.exe);
  • Windows Screen Saver (*.scr);
  • Dynamic-Link Library (*.dll);
  • ActiveX Control (*.ocx);
  • Driver (*.sys);