Safengine NetLicensor

Based on Safengine Licensor, we proudly announce our remote license authorization system:
Safengine NetLicensor
With the combination of:
  • Safengine Code Protection(Mutation & Virtualization)
  • Safengine Licensor Local License Verification
  • Safengine NetLicensor Remote License Verification

Remote License Verification

Applications protected by Safengine NetLicensor will connect to NetLicenser Server at startup for license key verification, while all trial time & date control are server based.
Safengine NetLicensor can easily eliminate the following problems:
  1. Leakage of valid license keys
  2. System time out of sync
  3. Unauthorized sharing of license keys
  4. Banning licenses on demand
Safengine NetLicensor Server uses MySQL as database server, which, in most cases, can easily be integrated into existing server platforms. The server architecture has been fully tested with all Safengine products since version 1.7, ensuring its outstanding stability and minimum resource usage.