Safengine is Now Fully 64-bit Compatible

Safengine is Now Fully 64-bit Compatible

(Sat, 03/01/2014 - 13:05)

Recently, after massive developments and tests, we proudly announce that all Safengine products are now fully compatible with native 64-bit applications.

Importantly, all technologies & methods that envolved along with the years of Safengine's successful 32-bit software protection solution has been migrated to 64-bit without compromise, which includes: runtime protections, full-program analysis engine, function-level analysis engine, code mutation and obfuscation engine, code virtual machine and many more. With these, Safengine-protected 64-bit applications will have the same high level of security as of which in 32-bit.

On top of that, Safengine Licensor's licensing system can also handle 64-bit applications, which can also flawlessly share license keys created by existing license key generators.

Also, the new version of Safengine Licensor provides a new type of plugin interface which can be used to acquire license key data from a third party(i.e. embeded web browsers), enabling limitless intergration possibilities with other online user management systems.

Due to significant server-side changes, we will no longer provide server-side code generation services for older versions of Safengine products. If you encounter any messages, please ensure that you update your Safengine products to their latest version.

Safengine Shielden, as a demo version of Safengine product series, is also updated with native 64-bit compatibility and the new plugin interface.

Please enjoy!